"Panavise" Your Devices with PANASCOUT

Panavision’s PANASCOUT application is an essential tool used by filmmakers during preproduction and location scouting. Now with the convenience of any smart phone, you can capture crucial data and share it with the whole creative team.

PANASCOUT now offers a sophisticated framing overlay that displays a choice of aspect ratios from true widescreen 2.40 (Anamorphic), to 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16:9 HD), and 1.33 (4:3). Preview your scene with zoom and prime lens controls which includes a focal length display in the 35 mm format equivalent.

In addition you can capture date/time, file name, focal length, and aspect ratio. You can also add pertinent notes for each image and save to a folder or the device’s library. A “Map it” button allows photos to be plotted on a map identifying the exact location where they were taken.

Now more than ever you can communicate technical information accurately and effortlessly.


Capture Features

  • Record video or photos with metadata on image and in file metadata
  • Quick add folders before capturing photos/videos
  • PANAFRAME (2.40, 1.85, 1.78, 1.33, Custom)
  • Adjust masking levels
  • Set focal length with zoom controls or prime lenses set
  • Front or back camera
  • Toggle flash on/off
  • Swap capture and lens buttons
  • Display metadata on image including: Compass, GPS, Date/Time, Sunrise/Sunset, File Name, Focal Length, Aspect Ratio

Process Features

  • Add Voice Notes to photos
  • Add Text Notes to photos and videos
  • Add Tags to photos and videos

Share Features

  • Move files to other folders
  • See your files and folders on a map
  • Email photos and videos with metadata
  • Save files to native Camera Roll library
  • Share to Dropbox, YouTube, and Tumblr